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Is CrossFit Really Dangerous?


f97f173f5094d1bc17f2638b6b1251b8Photo Credit: CrossFit 206

CrossFit gets a bad rap. CrossFit is not the reason why people get hurt doing CrossFit. I have been involved with CrossFit since 2008- as a trainer and as a participant. I have heard a lot about people’s experiences and I have seen a lot of bad form/ choices in the gym. For example, I might instruct a client to lift 55 lbs. in a workout only to discover a few minutes into the workout that he decided to lift 75 lbs. Or to see a client hastily pick up a weight, such as when putting it away, with a rounded back. Getting hurt in one of the above scenarios has nothing to do with CrossFit specifically.

I am fortunate to train at a CrossFit facility that focuses on form before intensity and that encourages and offers scaling options to allow participation for all fitness levels and ages.  If you are interested in trying CrossFit, but are scared, shop around for the right gym that meets your needs. Ask questions, seek out educated trainers and appropriate gym programming, and listen to your body at all times.

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