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ACME Farms + Kitchen is Ready to Rock Your Paleo World with 15% Off Your First Order


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Life is going to get a lot easier for those of you in Seattle. ACME Farms + Kitchen, a Washington based organization who aims to make access to local food easier, has expanded their delivery area to Seattle. ACME is like the community supported agriculture services you are used to, with the addition of protein, and a plan on how to use it all. ACME solves one of the biggest issues families have to eating healthy: planning their meals and keeping their kitchen’s stocked.

I received a complimentary Paleo box to test their product for myself. ACME believes if you experience their product you’ll be hooked. I’m not going to sugar coat it: I was blown away by this product. There was an abundance of food and innovative ideas for 5 hearty meals for the week. To top it off, the Paleo box is competitively priced at $145 to feed a family of four 5 meals. When was the last time you purchased local, organic food to create a week’s worth of dinners for that price?

Here’s what was inside my Paleo box from ACME Farms + Kitchen:
Fresh ACME Vegetables +Herbs
Notice all the farm fresh vegetables! As well as all of this protein:
There was one dozen eggs, a large pork roast, a beef roast, two packages of hamburger patties, a package of ground pork, and a pound of baby shrimp.
To solve the dilemma of what to do with all this food ACME makes it super easy for busy families by providing an innovative 5 day Paleo meal plan utilizing everything in the box and not requiring a lot of items to be stocked in your pantry.

Here are a few shots of what I made from my box.

1. Quick grilled burgers and vegetables

acmequickburgers2. Roasted beef with an herb crust and a side of carrots.
3. Sautéed beansacmeveggies
I am approached about a lot of products aimed to benefit those following a Paleo diet.  ACME meets all of my criteria for personal use, as well as those I recommend for my clients. It’s local, fresh, organic, and most importantly will make your life easier because not only can you reduce your trips to the grocery store, but also you won’t have to take the time to plan your meals out for the week. Interested in trying a Paleo box yourself?

The folks at ACME have generously offered you $15 off your first box! Thank you ACME!!

Please enter the promo code: PRIMPALEO to receive $15 off your first order.

Check out the ACME Farms + Kitchen Paleo Box here.

Read more about ACME Farms + Kitchen on 

*Although I received a complimentary box from ACME it did not influence my opinion.


  1. Just ordered and can’t wait to try it!

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