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Should Your Pet Follow a Paleo Diet?



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Have we gone “too far” with the whole idea of Paleo now that we are feeding out pets this way too? A few years ago when I was making my own dogs’ food,  someone informed me, “People food really isn’t good for dogs”.  I had this vision in my head that they thought I was feeding my pets spaghetti and meatballs. Obviously “people” food isn’t appropriate for pets, especially considering most people food isn’t fit for people!

This was before I even learned about the Paleo Diet, but I knew making my two dogs fresh food with mostly organic chicken, beef, vegetables, and grains (at the time) was a huge improvement over the processed pet food available for purchase. Such as with all processed, packaged, shelf-stable foods: read the ingredients! There are definitely questionable ingredients included that aren’t even fit for our pets to eat.  Over the years, my sweet Cassie, who was rescued from death row, began to struggle with (very) expensive trips to the veterinary hospital to treat pancreatitis and a gory condition, which is often fatal, called hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.  About a year ago she had an ultrasound and endoscopy to rule out cancer, which was fortunately negative. However, it revealed severe scarring of her intestinal tract, that was preventing her from absorbing B-12,  and a diagnosis of inflammatory bowl disease. I knew that it was time to put both my dogs on a grain-free, raw food diet, such as they were genetically designed to eat.

Shockingly, there isn’t a lot of scientific research on feeding our canine pets raw food. However, it made sense to me, and my dogs have thrived on the diet. Cassie hasn’t had a flare of her symptoms, they both are maintaining healthy weights, and they have silky smooth coats. Read more about The Paleo Diet for Pets in my article that was recently published on


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