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Paleo Travel: Beyond Nuts and Dried Fruit



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Do your regular diet habits get derailed when you travel? Let me help! I love to develop strategies that help my clients figure out how to maintain their healthy lifestyles in real life situations. One of the most common pitfalls of any conscious eater is finding quality food on the go.

I never leave the house without food. It sounds a bit crazy, but with a small child in tow it’s a priority for me to have nutrient-dense food ready for both of us. I’ve picked up numerous tricks on how to travel with food and I’ve shared it all in my recent article for The Paleo Diet: The Definitive Guide to Traveling on a Paleo Diet . The post covers all the basics for what to bring, what to buy, and how to keep it fresh. Stuck on the tarmac with a small bottle of water and a stale bag of broken pretzels or didn’t have time in between connections to source something nutritious and tasty? Frequently tempted by the bright shiny packages in the hotel mini-bar? That won’t happen again if you incorporate my suggestions into your travel routine.

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I’m curious to hear what tips work for you when traveling to stay on target with your lifestyle. Please comment below.

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