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Are Emulsifiers Sneaking into Your Paleo Diet?


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We can all agree that processed foods aren’t good for our health, yet, they still manage to sneak into whole foods based diets, including the Paleo Diet. Why? Because they save time and are convenient to have on hand.

Many of us don’t give these additives much thought as they are just another ingredient in our unsweetened almond milk,  heavy whipping cream, and even in dark chocolate. Check out the label and you will see emulsifiers on the list. Why? Because consumers like the taste of creamy foods that do not separate. Check out this comprehensive list of additives used to thicken, stabilize, and emulsify our food.

How harmful can these processed “healthy” foods actually be for your body? It turns out they are bad enough, it’s time to start paying attention to how much exposure you have to them. Research suggest certain additives could be causing a host of maladies, including inflammatory bowel disease. Read my recent article for The Paleo Diet: Paleo Diet and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Are Emulsifiers to Blame?

The Paleo Diet establishes a set of guidelines on how to best reduce overall inflammation and eat in a way that is consistent to how our bodies best operate. There is still freedom of choice to make “Paleo”- friendly treats and use convenience foods containing these substances. Read labels to gain awareness about what is actually in your food and question how your body interprets it.

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