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Can A Paleo Diet Reduce High Exercise Injury Rates?



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Often, the type of exercise gets blamed for the number and severity of injuries that occur. Talk to any physical therapist  CrossFit is especially dangerous based on the number of athletes they have  treated. However, there is a lot more to the story than the sport being participated in.

Many of my clients walk into the gym on a regular basis, having not eaten almost anything all day and even feeling a bit dehydrated. They often have a high stress job and don’t get enough sleep. They might also be the type that doesn’t take a day off from working out to fully recover, always doing the workout as prescribed. All of this sets them up for a potential injury.

Yes, there are additional factors, such as a particular aggressive gym program and even trainer’s that do not diligently monitor form.  The truth is there is not one reason people get injured or one way in which to prevent it. The main goal of any exercise program should be how to avoid injury, and many coaches and athletes agree that having a solid nutritional foundation is critical to preparing a body for the rigors of training.

For anyone pushing their physical limits, common sense is often the best way to stay healthy. Here are 5 of my favorite ways to prevent injury:

1. Eat nourishing food, and enough of it.

2. Stay adequately hydrated before, during, and after exercise.

3. Listen to your body  and leave your ego at the door.

4. Program rest and recovery into your workout routine.

5. Follow the exercise principles of our hunter-gather ancestors: Read more about this topic in the full article on : 3 Tips to Prevent Injury During Exercise

If you are an athlete or a coach interested in developing an appropriate individual nutrition plan, please contact Stephanie to get started.

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