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Primarily Paleo Fun Fall Family Food Activities



Photo Credit: Primarily Paleo

The fall harvest has always been something to celebrate. For me, it is also important that my daughter understand where food comes from and how to transform food. Those are a few reasons that I wanted to inspire you to do the same thing with these images from a beautiful autumn day spent with friends pressing cider.

Our hostess made a delicious Paleo-friendly lunch with two soups; a pumpkin soup and a spinach and sausage soup and she whipped up grain-free pumpkin spice donuts with a chocolate glaze.

The kids also were able to make warm, homemade applesauce using a food mill– which is a fabulously fun and delicious activity for preschoolers. Head to the local pumpkin patch (roasted sugar pumpkin is amazing!) or apple orchard to experience how much fun transforming food can be for your whole family. Memories were certainly made for my own Paleo Kid.


Photo Credit: Primarily Paleo


Photo Credit: Primarily Paleo


Photo Credit: Primarily Paleo


Photo Credit: Primarily Paleo


Photo Credit: Primarily Paleo

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