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3 Tips for Success on the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge

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Congratulations on beginning the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge and your interest in altering your diet to improve your health. It’s never easy to radically shift the foods you eat, but there are practical ways to set yourself up for success. I’ve already heard countless stories about how just the idea of making different food choices has spurned a handful of unhealthy binges of neolithic foods. You can be successful in eating a whole foods diet, void of sugars and processed ingredients — create a plan for yourself that includes your motivations and commitment to making the best choice for yourself in every situation.

1. Identify one goal for what you would like to achieve in 8 weeks. What motivated you to decide to change your diet? Are you interested in achieving weight loss, detoxifying from poor food choices, identifying a food sensitivity, or increasing strength and performance in the gym? Have an idea of what it is you are looking to improve in your life to stay focused on your long-term goal.

2. Commit to one goal for what you are going to eliminate 100% from your eating plan. The LuRong Challenge allows for “cheats” and life presents many opportunities for unhealthy eating. Determine the one major food you commit to avoiding for the entirety of the challenge, such as gluten, added sugar, or alcohol. By committing to one thing you absolutely won’t eat, it will reduces the opportunity of a little cheat turning into a frequent one.

3. Remove the neolithic foods from your grasp. Whether it is the jar of candy you keep on your desk to your child’s granola bars (or worse) that are still available in your kitchen, if it’s readily available to you, you are likely to look for it when unprepared and hungry. Frankly, I have trouble not eating the Paleo “treats” we make for my daughter if they are on the counter and I am hungry or in a hurry, because let’s face it treats are appealing for a variety of reasons.

Review your goal prior to making a choice, especially one that could be considered a “cheat”. Is the choice worth the risk of derailing you from your goal? That’s ultimately up to you, as the power to succeed is yours for the taking.

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  1. You make it sound uncomplicated and very encouraging! It’s a good outlook for us all to adopt.

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