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Top 5 Items to Add to Your Paleo Pantry


Primarily Paleo Pantry

The Primarily Paleo Pantry

What’s in your Paleo pantry? A few months ago I cleaned up my pantry and shared with you my top items for stocking your Paleo pantry. It’s the perfect time of year to revisit your pantry and eliminate non-Paleo foods that have been lurking around in the back of the shelves.  I also recommend that check for expired items that are no longer safe to eat.

I have come to rely less and less on pantry foods for pulling together meals than I did a few years ago. Most of what ends up on our plates for meals and snacks are whole fruits, vegetables, and a variety of animal proteins. However, there are some great items to keep on hand in the pantry for meals on the go and to quickly get dinner on the table.

1. Coconut Wraps. These are a fun way to make a wrap beyond using a lettuce leaf. They also work well packed in a lunchbox for Paleo kids. I am a fan of all things coconut; including coconut flakes, coconut oil, and coconut butter. Due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties, eating a lot of coconut during flu season can be especially beneficial and it’s a wonderful post-workout food.

2. Gelatin. When you run out of good bone broth, gelatin powder is great to use in a pinch. The good quality, grass-fed  gelatin can be purchased online. It can be made into a homemade jello or added to smoothies. If you are really hard-core you can just mix it into some water.

3. Tuna packs. Add shelf-stable fish like anchovies, sardines, or tuna to your pantry. Tuna that come in easy to open foil packs work great as a travel food or as a quick-lunch on the run option. Anchovies and sardines can be added to salads or broken up as a salty component to braised leafy greens.

4. Tomatoes. Canned, or my new favorite boxed tomatoes, are probably the one item I must have. I use them in a pinch when pulling together a slow cooker recipe, add them to soups, and even toss them with vegetables to add a different flavor. If you are really desperate for food in a hurry, you can make a quick tomato soup with a red onion, can of coconut milk, a few spices, and tomatoes.

5. Spices. You can still enjoy all your favorite flavors while on a Paleo diet. Mix and match spices from your pantry to turn any protein you make into something delicious. My favorite spices are ginger, chili powder, rosemary, and turmeric.

What’s your favorite item in your Paleo pantry?


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