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Hmm, you’ve probably been wondering why there hasn’t been a new blog post for a few weeks. I’m sorry there hasn’t been anything new to read here. I have been busy blogging away at TLC Discovery’s Parentables, where you read all about what I have been busy doing; including potty training the Paleo toddler and taking a trip to Disney. If you’ve been missing my posts there is a lot of my musings to read on Parentables. I’ve also been hard at work here in Seattle helping people meet their health goals, both in and out of the gym.

They have made some incredible progress towards their goals. One client, who has struggled to lose weight for many years and was on her way to reaching 200 pounds, was willing to give Paleo eating a try and she lost 20 pounds. She is now focusing on conquering the next 20, while really enthusiastic about her new eating habits that have also improved her overall mood and energy.

The second client, who is a competitive masters athlete, lost 8 pounds which she also had struggled to do prior to making a slight adjustment in the number of carbs she was eating on a daily basis and minimizing the urges to eat foods that didn’t fuel her body for her sport.

A third client has eliminated the low blood sugar crashes she was regularly experiencing by adding more healthy fat into her diet and is working on reprogramming her body to burn the spare tire that has formed around her middle.

A fourth client reduced the amount of alcohol he was drinking, which had been a huge part of his very active social life. He realized that he could still go out and have fun with his friends, without beer and extra cocktails in the process. In turn, he has gotten stronger in the gym and is better prepared for his workouts. Besides he looks fantastic from all of the positive choices he has made with regards to eating a more consistently Paleo approach.

I’m really inspired by all of my clients for the hard work and the choices that they are making in their approach to become healthier. It really comes down to being educated about what fuel is best for your body and having the tools you need to implement a lifestyle that supports your goals. So what are you waiting for to make those same changes yourself?

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  1. Thanks for the post Stephanie. Nothing like hearing about how others are succeeding to keep up the momentum.

    • Marcus, Your own success is also noteworthy and inspiring! I’m excited as you continue your own journey and everything “Paleo” associated with it!

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