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Living a Paleo Lifestyle and Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is almost here and it seems like everyone wants a Paleo treat. We’ve been down this road before, and I hate to keep pushing the point that there is no true Paleo treat. However, I guess there is just something about Valentine’s Day that we find irresistible and coincides with an inclination towards chocolate.

There are lots of great recipes for Paleo-friendly desserts. Just watch your portion size if you are looking to lose extra weight. For those of you not interested in baking, stick with a rich bar of dark chocolate- aiming for one with at least 70% or greater cocoa. Avoid any chocolate containing soy lecithin, which as it states contains soy.

Valentine’s Day is often celebrated with a night out on the town, eating decadent foods. It is possible to avoid gluten, even when dining prix fixe. There’s always sorbet and berries on the menu during Valentine’s Day or a flour-less chocolate cake (which contains a lot of dairy in the form of cream or butter).

The last time I checked, chocolate was available the other 364 days of the year too, so you don’t have to go crazy on this one holiday. Pay attention to how your body feels up to 4 days after Valentine’s Day to see how it tolerated what went into your body. My sister just fell off the wagon for the first time in 6 months. Within 20 minutes of eating corn chips and drinking a margarita she was hot, clammy, light-headed and needed to head into the bathroom of the restaurant to recover. There was probably some gluten exposure and her body was not able to handle all of the refined sugar that hit her system at once.

If you have kids, check out your local drugstore for non-food related Valentine’s treats like red spinning tops, heart stickers, and other fun treats to celebrate love without sugar and gluten. I was so excited when I discovered all the economical kid items for my daughter to share with her friend’s at preschool that stayed inline with our beliefs about diet.

So spread the love –especially to your own body– without falling into to the trap of eating things that make you feel less than your best.

What ways to you like to celebrate with still eating Paleo?

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