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Sugar Detox and Whole30 Challenges For Everyone

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It’s no surprise that January has motivated seasoned Paleo followers and newbies alike to get on the ancestral health wagon. I’m hearing about cleanses, detoxes, and new diet plans everywhere I turn. How invigorating that so many people are taking steps in the right direction to improve their health and feel their best.

New habits are certainly hard to stick with for the long haul and it takes a big effort to break unhealthy habits. My advice has always been to introduce add new habits before breaking old ones. A great example of this is to start eating more whole-foods— and slowly you will be able to phase out anything processed you have been relying on. Check out these 5 Paleo friendly foods that will help support your liver in cleaning out toxins and here are 4 easy recipes you can make so you have healthy prepared food in your fridge to choose from all week. These suggestions are my way of reminding you that you can eat well, everyday, to support you best health efforts.

Here are a few other ways to support your detox from environmental elements, gluten, sugar, and preservatives:

1) Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day or try Yogi Detox Tea
2) Eat naturally fermented and probiotic rich foods like sauerkraut or kombucha.
3) Take a hot epsom salt bath or visit a spa where you can alternate between hot and cold pools.

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