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Primarily Paleo News: Vajra Body Vajra Mind Podcast with Guest Stephanie Vuolo


I’m really excited to announce the release of the Vajra Body Vajra Mind Podcast, where I had the pleasure of being the guest. It was really great to Chew on the Paleo diet and share my perspective with hosts Damien and Jed. I’d love to hear feedback from you about the podcast– if you have any  questions we didn’t answer or  if they weren’t clear please share them in the comments below or send me a private email.

I’d love the chance to record more podcasts, as it is a great way to share information and it’s a lot of fun to talk about something I am so passionate about. Besides, you’d get to learn cool things that I probably wouldn’t be mentioning in a blog post like if I had 24 hours to live what would I do with the time.

If you have trouble accessing the podcast, go to the iTunes Store and search for Vajra Body Vajra Mind in the podcast section. Chewing on the Paleo Diet with Stephanie Vuolo is podcast number 7.



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