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Primarily Paleo News: Review of the My Paleo Sweet Potato Waffle Recipe


Just a quick post to thank everyone who has been reading the blog lately.  As you may have noticed this blog is free and I do not generate any revenue from my posts (note that there are no ads on the site). I love to hear comments from you to learn more about what information you are seeking regarding Paleo eating and living. I also personally answer all emails I receive.  I’m likely to continue to do so, especially when I get an acknowledgement that you’ve received a response from me — yes, some people ask me very specific questions and do not send me any response after I’ve taken the time to address their issue in an email.

What keeps me motivated to blog is that I hope to inspire you to feel your best and maintain a Paleo lifestyle. I love to get feedback on what information you are looking for and what you find helpful. I was really excited to see another blog give my Paleo Sweet Potato Waffle recipe a try. I appreciated the review, and was especially delighted that she describes the waffles as really good:

When I say really good, I mean REALLY, REALLY good.  I have tried several waffle recipes now (I am a bit addicted to waffles.. not quite as much as chocolate, but close) and none of them have been any good; until this one.  It’s slightly sweet, moist, and while it is a heavy waffle, they somehow manage to be fluffy and “light”. 

As you may have seen, I am trying to heal my body from a chronic viral infection. Primarily Paleo posts may be somewhat infrequent as I focus on myself for the next few weeks. I’ll be aiming to get a lot of sleep! There’s lots of information on the site — use the search feature in the top right corner of the page to find previous posts that might be of interest. If you want some suggestions start with these:

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