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Primarily Paleo: What’s the deal with vegetable oils?


My sister called the other day and put me on speaker phone at her gym to talk about why coconut oil is better than vegetable oil. I figured if I needed to answer that question for her, I needed to share that answer with you as well.

Why is coconut oil is better than vegetable oil?

First let’s talk about vegetable oils. There are a whole bunch of different oils that classify as vegetable oil. The most obvious is the stuff just called “vegetable oil”, this is typically made from any combination of canola soybean, sunflower, safflower oil, as well as peanut and cotton seed oils. Most often it has been genetically modified. This is the first clue you want to avoid it. The second clue is that the oil is extracted from seeds and has been deodorized, and chemically altered. For example, canola comes from the rapeseed which is a toxic seed until they process it and magically make it into an oil that is considered heart healthy.

Vegetable oils are also higher in omega 6 fatty acids, which are inflammatory to our bodies. Ideally, our diet would consist of lots of omega 3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory. If you can’t eat grass fed or pastured meats, which are higher in omega 3 fatty acids, then you are getting a lot of omega 6’s already. So, just stop eating junky oil!

I can’t speak highly enough of why coconut oil is so great. It is minimally processed, and has been shown in countless research studies to be healing to the digestive tract and endocrine system. According to the Coconut Research Organization,  coconut oil boosts energy and endurance, as well as  enhances physical and athletic performance. Coconut oil is also very stable at high cooking temps, so it is great to use when cooking.

So please, donate or otherwise dispose of your classic vegetable oils and start using more coconut oil.


  1. Macademia nut oil is a great alternative. It is 80% monosaturated and has no trans fats. The flavor is light and really adds a nice subtle flavor.

    • Hi Anna, Thanks for your comment. I also love macadamia nut oil. Some folks find it a bit more expensive than coconut oil. I think it tastes delicious on salad and already cooked veggies too. Stephanie

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