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Seattle Paleo Dining June 2012


It really is effortless to dine out and not fall completely off the Paleo Wagon. There are so many delicious grain and legume free options available at a variety of types of restaurants. As you can see I am not by the book strict when it comes to eating out, sometimes I eat a little corn or indulge in white potato french fries. I do consistently avoid gluten (although not in the oil the fries are made in.) This recap is a bit abbreviated, but they say a photo is worth a thousand words.

Luc (again)

This is a neighborhood spot for me, so I eat here frequently. The house made lamb sausages were also delicious. The Paleo Toddler had a deconstructed grilled chicken with a poached egg and asparagus (which I happily ate)

Boston lettuce, red wine vinaigrette, toasted walnuts

Salmon Special with Asparagus and Some Fabulous Sauce

 SeaStar Restaurant & Raw Bar

There are always Paleo options at a seafood restaurant. The rainbow trout I ate had a masa cake, every once in a while I eat corn. The Paleo Toddler had steak and fries off the kids menu. French fries make kids happy at restaurants, especially  important at fancier places. Other diners give compliments to the parents of happy kids. It’s a win win.

Ancho-Chipotle Grilled Rainbow Trout

Front Street Grill

Steak Salad with Spinach and Chimichurri Sauce

Lots of grass fed meat on the menu, as well as Penn Cove mussels. I was thrilled with the menu options, slightly less thrilled with the actual meal. The Paleo Toddler had bunless mini sliders and more french fries. It was a big theme for her this month. The sliders came with unadvertised cheese which easily peeled off. I happily go back to any place that offers grass fed meat, as poorly cooked grass fed meat is always better than other meat.

The Phinney Ridge Market Pub & Eatery

Ah, I was so distracted by the play area my Paleo Toddler wasn’t interested in that I forgot to take a photo. Great neighborhood spot! Bunless Burgers, sweet potato fries, fresh green salads, and a children’s play area. Need I say more?



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