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Lesson in label reading.


I try not to eat food that comes in packages. However, I couldn’t resist the pre-sliced salami at my local market this morning. I have a thing for cured meats and the convenience of having it in a resealable package and thinly cut was too much for me to resist. I bought it. It tastes delicious. Then I read the label. Pork, nonfat milk powder, sugar, corn syrup, nitrates. What? Milk, sugar and corn syrup? I’m devastated. This is not something I want to eat, let alone serve to my kid.

Most cured meats have sugar added, even most commercially available bacon. I can live with a little sugar, although I prefer it in the form of dark chocolate and not in meat products. Did they really need to add processed milk product and corn syrup too? Geez, that’s not how salami is traditionally made. The product’s website has a section on the ingredients they use. It doesn’t mention anything about sugar, corn syrup or all the other junk they add. They do promote only 100% pork is used. Now, that even scares me a bit as any part of the pig can be considered 100% pork. They also promote that their products are always gluten free, have 0g trans fat per serving and have no MSG or fillers. In my book, powdered non fat milk and corn syrup are fillers.

I learned a big lesson. Don’t be tempted by the fancy convenience foods. I will now read the labels diligently before making any purchase or before putting something on my kids plate.

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