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Free Fruit for Kids


My Paleo Toddler loves to go grocery shopping. Every day she says and signs: car store. On the days we do go to the store, she loves to help put the produce in a bag and hold it while we shop. This has been a great activity to help her learn the names of all the different produce available and gets her excited to try it at mealtimes. I was thrilled to learn during our outing yesterday that the PCC Natural Market, one of our local markets in the Greater Seattle area, offers free a fruit or vegetable for kids under the age of 12 while their parents shop. The staff will wash and cut the item so the child can try it in the store. What a fabulous way to encourage kids to try new things and keep them entertained at the market.

Getting kids involved in all stages of food preparation has been shown to increase their willingness to try new things. Hopefully, more stores can catch on and offer kids the opportunity to try fresh foods while shopping. Thanks to the PCC for our free avocado yesterday!

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