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Seattle Paleo Dining March 2012

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I notified the restaurant when I made our online reservation that we were gluten free. Our server immediately notified us he was aware we didn’t eat gluten. I love to add this information when making a reservation because it takes the pressure off when being seated at the table, especially for those of you who are new to having dietary requests. There are a bunch of delicious Paleo options at Luc. They had updated their menu since we had last visited and we were pleasantly surprised. We started off with the souffle’ potato crisps. Not strictly Paleo since they are potato, but worth every crunchy, fried bite. They were so amazing, we ordered them for dessert. They come with a harissa aioli. I also started with a Boston lettuce salad with hazelnuts and a red wine vinaigrette. We also both had the steelhead salmon special, with braised leeks on a parsnip puree’. It was the best dish we’ve ever had at Luc. Dinner was so fabulous we went back for brunch a few days later. For brunch they have beet juice bloody mary’s with harissa, very unique and worth trying. We both had bunless burgers with carmelized onions, you can even add an egg on top, or a side of bacon. It was served on a small bed of greens and came with fries- again not strictly Paleo, but quite satisfying!


We also ate here twice this month. The food was so good the first time, we couldn’t help but want to go back. Our first experience, the server was very diligent about working with the kitchen to make sure everything was gluten and soy free. On our second visit, the server brought a salad to the table that was dressed with soy sauce and said it had soy and gluten in it. She was confused because we had ordered it before. We had forgotten the kitchen made a different dressing for us. They took the salad back and brought out another salad for us with a gluten-free dressing. It wasn’t as good as the first time we had it. That being said there are a bunch of delicious plates to try. One of my favorites was the Madhatcher Bone-in Claypot Chicken.

The Harvest Vine
This is another neighborhood standby. We always love to go early when they open and snag a seat at the bar which allows you to interact with the chefs and watch them prepare the food. Most of the menu is Paleo friendly and since it changes frequently, it is best to work with the server or the chefs who will happily steer you towards the Paleo friendly plates!

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  1. Ah, you’re inspiring me to get out to eat in the neighborhood again. We’ll give Luc another shot–thanks:)

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