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Seattle Paleo Dining April 2012

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I didn’t manage to eat out very often this month. I did have lunch twice at Uneeda Burger in the Freemont neighborhood of Seattle. I love that Uneeda offers natural beef in all there burgers as well as the option of upgrading to a local grass fed beef. They also serve locally produced CommuniTea Kombucha on tap. They happily leave the bun off and replace it with a very small amount of lettuce. It would be a nice gesture to add a bit more lettuce in the place of a bun or offer a small green salad for an upcharge. They also offer gluten free buns for those interested in that kind of thing. Besides the classic option, there are signature burgers with fancy ingredients like black truffle salt or a gluten free BBQ sauce.

The burger shack is casual and family friendly. It also offers an open kitchen so you can watch the cooks prep the food. I also got to watch two of the cooks nibble on food with their bare hands while they were chopping up vegetables. Clearly, the fries must be irresistible! I wasn’t going to mention the nibbling, as I thought maybe I saw something incorrectly. But, it happened more than once with two cooks and in my book that’s not great food safety.

It is easy to stay Paleo at Uneeda. I’ve always enjoyed my food and I like supporting a local chef who sources local ingredients. I am just going to keep a closer eye on the kitchen the next time and hope they learn to eat lunch with a fork.

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