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Primarily Paleo: Breakfast of Champions

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Are you looking to improve the quality of your breakfast? Do you find that you have low energy, are irritable, or are hungry throughout the day?

A good place to start is improving and alternating your breakfast options. Not eating breakfast at all, fueling your body only on caffeine, or eating bagels and cold cereal can cause a major drop in your blood sugar levels later in the day. Remember that carbohydrates are like kindling in your body- you will burn through them quickly! And fat combined with protein are like solid logs that burn over a longer period of time. Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring.

Are you willing to try something new and see how you feel?

Here’s a week worth of grain free/ high protein ideas:

“The Classic”- Eggs any style you chose with Bacon or Sausage

“On the Go”- Hardboiled Eggs, a handful of nuts, some dried fruit or beef jerky

“The New York”- Smoked Salmon with sliced cucumber and tomato

“Quickie”- Grainless granola, pieces of dried coconut, some dried fruit with unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk

“The Cobb”- An arugula salad with bacon, tomatoes, avocado with or without hard boiled eggs

“Lazy Sunday”- Almond meal pancakes slathered with warm nut butter

“Liquid Courage”- A coconut milk smoothie with almonds and or nut butter and frozen berries

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