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Paleo for the Dorm Room


I was recently asked to recommend shelf stable (foods that don’t require refrigeration) foods for an active college athlete. These foods would also be great to have stocked in the pantry for Paleo snacks on the go or in an emergency kit for a natural disaster.

Here’s a list of Paleo foods that can be stored easily and don’t require cooking:

Rawnola (brand), or Steve’s Paleo Crunch (brand) granola/ bars
Raw crackers: 3 options and lots of flavors
Tanka buffalo bars/ bites
Cream of coconut/ coconut butter- can eat with a spoon or add to hot water or
Any of the non peanut nut butters without any added sugar
Whole coconut flakes
Paleo Packs (beef jerky, nuts & dried fruit)
Pemmican Bars (Some conflicting info about how to store them. Most people use the freezer, but Native Americans didn’t have that option.)
Coconut water (shelf stable not the beverage available in the fridge)
Nori Paper
Canned fish (anchovies, sardines, tuna, salmon)

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