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Paleo and Not Losing Weight?

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There is a lot of skepticism about the Paleo diet, as it contradicts many modern day diet rules regarding dietary fat and cholesterol. My husband likes to joke that he never met anyone who tried eating Paleo and didn’t feel or look better. I think that is the best case study evidence: try it yourself for 30 days and see how you feel.

The frustrated clients who I see for nutrition consulting, are those who can’t figure out why they aren’t seeing body composition changes on a Paleo diet. They have weight to lose and it is not coming off. I find these clients are often not eating enough food, including not enough protein or dietary fat. Their sluggish metabolism is holding on to whatever it can, thinking that food is scarce. Once they increase their fat and protein intake, the weight starts to melt off.

If you are struggling with the Paleo diet, don’t despair. A few minor tweaks on not only what you are eating, but also when can help your body make the changes you are looking for.

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