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Kids CAN eat well (and Paleo) while traveling


We took an overnight family trip this weekend so I could attend the Nutritional Therapy Conference (more to come on the amazing information presented). I always anticipate my Paleo options while traveling, and in this case was most focused on what my Paleo toddler would have available to eat. Toddler’s have smaller stomachs and tend to eat on the run, so I like to offer her a snack mid morning and mid afternoon. I also wanted to have food available to supplement what the restaurants were able to provide if she was still hungry. I hope this helps to show that kids can not only eat healthy food, they can continue to eat this way while on the road or away from the comforts of a kitchen.

We did not have access to a fridge in our room because they had removed the mini bars, and all the other hotel fridge’s were already reserved by the gaggle of nutrition focused folks attending the conference who all thought to call ahead and inquire about refrigeration. For our emergency Paleo reserves I packed the following:

individual organic applesauce cups
pistachio and macadamia nuts (for the Paleo Parents)
dried apples, pineapples & raisins
fresh whole mandarin oranges, apples, & bananas
individual servings of unsweetened coconut milk
homemade Paleo almond cookies

It was more food than we needed, but I always like to have a good padding of food options at my disposal. We might have needed more of the options, but the hotel restaurant worked out great for her meals. Impressively, their children’s menu had real whole food options like grilled chicken breast and mini hamburgers.

Here’s what she ate:

Post nap while in the car (aka entertainment food): cantaloupe melon
Upon arrival at the playground: homemade almond meal ‘cookies’ and a half of a mandarin orange
Restaurant dinner: most of a kids grilled chicken breast; which she signed was delicious, a bunch of Dad’s steak, 3 grape tomatoes, one thick cucumber slice, some salad greens, a large broccoli floret, a few bites of boiled potato & some of Dad’s french fries, grapes & melon (which came with her kids entrée)
Post dinner (the kid was still hungry!): a taste of Paleo ‘cookie’
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, melon, and the coconut milk we brought from home
Pre lunch meal before getting in car for ride home: remaining scrambled eggs & bacon from breakfast
Post nap snack in car: some mandarin orange.


  1. I am so impressed that your daughter ate the salad greens and broccoli. Has she always liked them, or did you offer it a bunch of times? How do you feel about hiding veggies in sauces or smoothies? My daughter hardly eats. An average day for my 23 month old:

    1 cup mandarin orange slices
    2 blueberry almond flour mini muffins
    5oz 100% apple juice + 5oz water (no sweeteners)

    1/2 cup steamed carrots
    1 thick slice of ham or turkey
    1 almond flour cookie
    10oz decaffeinated tea (sweetened with Truvia)

    1/2 Banana or handful of chopped grapes

    6 or 7 bites of roast or steak dipped in paleo ketchup
    1/4 cup of sweet potatoes
    More tea or water

    I’m not very creative when it comes to cooking. We do love 5 ingredient crock pot recipes. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Meryl, Thanks for your comment. Sorry I am just seeing it now! My daughter doesn’t always like to eat her veggies. I offer her the same variety we are eating and sometimes she eats them and sometimes she doesn’t. I like to put veggies in a ‘goulash’ meat sauce you can add zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli kale, etc to keep rotating the veggies. I don’t like the idea of “hiding” veggies, but putting them into a form they are more likely to be eaten is a tactic I use.

      Stay tuned on the site for recipes. I would stick with your easy crockpot ones and just keep adding different veggies. The important piece if your daughter sees you eating them and she is offered the chance to try them herself regularly. Stephanie

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