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One thing is for certain in our American culture we like to eat on the go. It is probably my worst dietary habit: eating in the car or while multitasking. Digestion occurs best when we are in a relaxed state and our brain registers that it is eating. This releases more saliva and digestive juices to help break down the food properly and enhance its absorption. If you are like me, and I bet you are, you eat on the go as well.

One of my three tenets of wellness is about being prepared. That means knowing what you will be eating and when. This tenet is heavily influenced by being on the go and having something on hand to eat that will nourish and sustain you- and well keep you from falling off whole foods and into the fast food drive through. I always pack a Paleo friendly snack or mini meal with me and leave a bag of nuts in my car. I hope you do too. As you can see from my weeks worth of Paleo on the Go ideas, I am not a beef jerky kind of gal. I hope these ideas work for you while out running errands or taking a cross-country flight.

1) Sliced or cubed meat: I take chicken or steak and cut it into bite sized pieces, wrap it in foil, and pack a fork. Organic, nitrate free deli meat serves the same purpose.
2) Container of salad greens, chopped veggies, half an avocado in the shell. I often add the sliced meat when I am ready to eat and eat it together.
3) Homemade trail mix: big flakes of coconut, a variety of nuts, sunflower seeds, and maybe a hint of dried fruit or Homemade Paleo Granola
4) A cored apple filled with nut butter nestled into a travel safe container. This one can be a bit messy but works well at the office.
5) Peeled hardboiled eggs.
6) Fruit salad of orange, pomegranate seeds, and melon with coconut flakes and maybe a spoon full of nut butter nestled in the container.
7) A container of leftovers that I packed up the night before while cleaning up from dinner.


  1. Thanks for this list Stephanie! I was thinking about this during my travels last week and how airport food is the worst! I stuck to some fruit, vegetables and salad during the flight and thought about how I should bring them myself next time instead of buying it at the airport.

    • HI Huoy, I hope this list provides some helpful suggestions for your next trip. I personally can’t stand paying so much for “health” food at the airport, when I can easily pack my own!

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