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Seattle Paleo Dining Out: Tilth & Lark


It is possible to stay Paleo and specifically gluten-free while dining out, especially in Seattle. I recently dined at both Tilth and Lark in Seattle. I chose to eat some dairy, as I incorporate that into my diet from time to time. Here’s a recap of my latest experience eating Paleo in Seattle. I specifically told the servers I avoided grains and gluten, but that I was ok with dairy. Each of these restaurants deals with small and large plates- and are great for sharing with your dinner mates, which is what I did. You can see I didn’t go hungry while dining out Paleo in Seattle.


The special that night was organ meat: Lamb oysters with a sumac buttermilk aioli cornmeal crusted & Lamb tongue with a beet gastric with chèvre
I think organ meats are full of vital nutrients, I just can’t get myself to eat them.

Instead this was my meal:

Celery root soup with shaved truffle

Romaine salad with beets, feta & hazelnuts

Spot prawns with a citrus confit

Grilled hangar steak with collard greens

Lacinato kale with lemon & red chili flakes

I also had a glass of wine. The server let me taste 4 different ones before selecting the glass I wanted. I was really impressed by his service!


An appetizer of three raw cheeses

Watercress & frisée salad with pomegranates

Dumpling squash soup with sage & brown butter

Yellowtail carpaccio with fennel & green olive

Penn cove mussels with apple bacon & cream

Crispy duck leg with grapefruit & watercress

Pork belly with carrots

Grilled venison chop & venison sausage with huckleberries, chestnuts, & pickled red cabbage


  1. Stephanie – great blog and love the posts on dining out – I agree that Seattle has lots of paleo-friendly options, and it helps that this city’s dining scene is so obsessed with locavore/organic/whole foods. It lets us indulge, but feel good about it. Lark has always been a favorite of ours!

  2. I’ve tried Tilth before and really liked it. Never tried Lark, it’s on my list for next week 🙂

    If anyone is ever in Portland, OR, I’d suggest going to Toro Bravo for your paleo fix.

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