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Seattle Paleo Dining Out

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It is possible to eat out and make Paleo food options. Here’s a brief recap of four Seattle restaurants, where I dined recently and made Paleo choices.
I hope to post regularly on where I am eating Paleo in Seattle. I think you have to specifically order bread and butter at each restaurant so avoiding the bread basket for those of you who struggle there can be avoided.

1) Anchovies & Olives
I had avoided going to this restaurant because their online menu didn’t look like there would be very many Paleo choices. Surprisingly, there were a bunch of Paleo food choices on their current menu. I started with a bowl of olives and grilled anchovies with an arugula salad. The anchovies were huge. I also had the grilled whole branzino as an entrée, which came with roasted potatoes (which technically are not Paleo, but I don’t think a few potatoes are going to set anyone too far back.) It felt like an especially ancestral meal considering both fish choices were on the bone and I had to do a bit more work.

2) Marjorie
This is a Seattle restaurant I find very accommodating to food preferences and there’s a cute little outdoor patio for summer dining. I enjoyed Donna’s Margarita (aka the NorCal Margarita in ), which is tequila and fresh squeezed lime juice on the rocks. For an appetizer, I had the plantain chips with salsa and guacamole and for an entrée the grilled half a chicken, which came with black-eyed peas and greens. It was easy to not eat the black-eyed peas as they were more of a garnish.

3) terra plata
This is a newer restaurant on the Seattle scene, it has a great cocktail menu and a fun atmosphere. I started with the grilled spot prawns with roasted chilies and had salmon on a bed of winter greens as an entrée.

4) Voila’
During lunch, Voila offers Les Burgers. 1/3 pound of beef with a bunch of toppings you can choose from including a fried egg, carmelized onions, sun-dried tomatoes, and bacon. They happily leave off the bun and serve the burger with a side salad or a heaping bunch of crispy fries.

Keep checking back for more Seattle Paleo Dining for inspiration on where you can eat well and stay Paleo in Seattle.

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