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Taking advantage of the fleeting sumer produce before it is too late.


Summer  is officially over and the sun is rising later and later each morning. Luckily, there is still plenty of local, summer produce available in the market. Before long we will only have squashes and hearty root vegetables to chose from, so  this week I am eating my fill of heirloom tomatoes, berries, peaches, cucumbers, corn and zucchini.  Eating the produce available in your area at the right time of year if the best way to support the local agriculture in your community and it is also the way that our ancestors ate. Discover the lost art of canning or freeze what you have available now, so you can enjoy local food all year round.

I haven’t had the luxury of experimenting with canning yet, however I did puree’ berries this weekend and froze them in ice cube trays. I will either feed the defrosted cube to my daughter  or I will add them to my herbal iced tea. The ice cubes not only flavor the ice tea, but they also provide a little nutritional punch to my drink.


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