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We went to the fair this week. I wasn’t sure what options would be for me to eat, and I was pleasantly surprised by all of the choices. If you are heading to a fair this season, you may still want to pack your own snacks as a back up plan, but hopefully you’ll have some of the following options. Also, if you find a dish you’d like but it isn’t 100% what you are looking for ask if they can work with you. I found the vendors willing to accommodate various requests. Once you’ve fueled up, you’ll have plenty of energy to enjoy the rides and other amusements offered.

1) Salads with protein.  I was shocked to see these on the menu at a few stands

2) The Bunless Burger. It is always an option and with the right toppings: bacon, onions, etc you’ll hardly miss a bun

3) Sausage & Bratwurst. Again without the bun.

4) Curries and Asian Stir Fry: Happily served without rice

5) Strawberries on a stick. How clever.

6) Corn on the cobb. Not strictly paleo but so delicious.

7) Barbeque: Ribs & Chicken. Might not be Gluten Free but it looked amazing.

8) Roasted nuts. They might not have the best oils or been roasted at low temperatures, but it is a better choice than a funnel cake.


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