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Hey Parents: Make Food Fun

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There is so much focus on getting our kids to eat ‘healthy’ that I think the fun has gone out of food. One easy way to make food fun is to come up with themes around food. My favorite theme is color, especially this time of year when we have an abundance of vibrant and wide ranging colors to choose from. To start pick a color, like say purple, and have your kids find that color in the produce section. You should be able to come up with blueberries (purple enough), purple carrots, purple potatoes, eggplant, figs, and even purple cauliflower. Then you bring these foods home and experiment with preparing them for a very distinct plate of food. I find that kids are not only excited by the novelty of having the dramatic color on their plates, they want to try the food that they selected at the market and that they were included in preparing. Try out a color themed meal at your home. It might even help you to eat your vegetables!


Other ideas:

Orange: apricots, yams, squash, eggs, spices (tumeric)

Red: tomatoes, peppers (even spicy ones), apples, strawberries, spices (curry)

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