Primarily Paleo

A path to wellbeing

Day Twenty Eight: Avocado


Avocado’s are readily available in my home. They fill in the gap for my meals and snacks. Fear not for what you have heard about how much fat they have, as that is the exact reason they fill my gaps. Fat creates satiety and it is burned first by the body in the absence of sugary carbs. Here’s how it goes:

Hmm, what am can I eat with eggs this morning so I won’t be hungry in an hour? AVOCADO

Hmm, what can I round out a steak salad with to make it more filling? AVOCADO

Hmm, what would be  a great snack right now? AVOCADO with a little sea salt

Avocado’s are used differently among each culture. In some cultures they are more savory and others they are only sweet.  Try switching up how and when you eat them to experience them to the fullest.

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