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411 on Probiotics


As I have mentioned before, we have good and bad bacteria in our guts. There should be a higher ratio of the good guys to the bad guys. The good guys not only slay the bad ones (meaning they attack the ones that can make us sick), but they also help aid our digestion and elimination. Our ancestors ate more fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, which contains a lot of this healthy bacteria otherwise known as probiotics. Our modern lifestyle, full of stress and poorer quality food options, has left our gut deficient in good bacteria. If your daily diet is high in fermented vegetables, fermented dairy (raw yogurt or raw sour cream), or fermented beverages (kombucha) you are most likely getting enough of the friendly bacteria your gut needs. The rest of you or those looking for a little insurance, will want to consider taking a probiotic supplement. I recommend buying and storing yours in the refrigerator and switching brands occasionally to provide a variety of different bacteria in different ratio to your system.

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