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Whole Food Challenge Day One


Today is day one of a 30 day whole food cleanse I am doing with clients. The goal of the challenge:

1) to reset our bodies
2) heal our digestive tract
3) equalize our blood sugar
4) eliminate potential foods causing sensitivities

Whole Foods are defined in my book as something you can (but don’t have to eat raw) including meats, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and lots of spices to keep things interesting.

I am so inspired by the group doing this challenge for their willingness to go cold turkey giving up grains, added sugar, and dairy. They are 100% committed to improving their health from the inside out through positive dietary changes. I admire this group so much, I decided to join them and blog about my experience and to provide tips along the way.

Follow our journey and hopefully you, too, will be inspired to give yourself the experience of 30 days of whole foods.

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