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Day Twenty Two: The Cholesterol Myth


I gave a nutrition talk at the gym and I wasn’t satisfied with the answer on cholesterol I gave. Here’s the deal on cholesterol. Erase and permanently delete everything you’ve learned from your brain in reference to it. Start over and open your mind to all of the possibilities. I hope you can take what I bring up here as a starting point to reeducate yourself.

Why is cholesterol important? Our body uses it to produce hormones, provides cell membrane integrity (that’s in EVERY cell in your body), stabilizes neurotransmitters which in turn stabilizes your moods, maintains a strong functioning immune system, and it is also found in nerve sheaths, white matter in the brain, and the all important adrenal glands.

My favorite thing that cholesterol does is repair our blood vessels. It is like spackle. The system of repair was designed well until the modern diet with its excess of : vegetable oils, hydrogenated fats, refined sugar, white flour, and almost all food consumed being sprayed with chemicals or treated with antibiotics came to challenge it. These types of foods continuously damage blood vessels. So more and more cholesterol “spackle” gets put down to repair them. In the extreme cases, where lifestyle changes don’t occur, this leads to hardening of the arteries and blocked arteries.

I think one thing is clear, whatever America is doing for heart health is not working. When cholesterol levels are high (and for me that’s higher than the current standard) it is a sign there’s inflammation in the body. It is a symptom. If we could look a little deeper into what’s causing the symptom instead of just treating that one symptom, we’d be in better shape as a nation.

For those of you who are skeptical about how eating whole foods and healthy fats will effect your blood chemistry, try the 30 day challenge and get your blood work done. If you stick with it, have your blood worked checked again.  You really only have something to gain and that’s improved health.


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