Primarily Paleo

A path to wellbeing

Day Twenty Five: Goal of the challenge


The overall goal of the challenge was to give your digestive system a break from certain food groups that could be causing irritation, inflammation, or other distress. You may have also had personal goals you were looking to achieve in this time.

Some people feel so great they decide to continue and make this a lifelong journey. Others may incorporate some things they liked and resume their previous habits. Whichever road you take, I encourage you to always introduce new foods one at a time. You’ve taken the time to clean up your act, and should a reaction occur with a food it is worthwhile to be able to name the culprit. Proceed with caution.

Here is how introducing one food at a time works:
Figure out what you want to test and in what order.
Isolate that food.
Example, bread has gluten, yeast and often a sweetener = not the best food to test with
Test out gluten with pasta
Test out sugar three days later maybe in coffee
Test out bread three days later (assuming no prior reaction)

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