Primarily Paleo

A path to wellbeing

Day Twenty: Cook Once Eat Multiple Times


This is my big secret. Spending time in the kitchen prepping for one thing and making enough to last for multiple (or a least double meals). We received our CSA box today. To make room for the new produce, I cooked up the leftover half of a cabbage I lad in the bin, a handful of carrots that had seen better days, and another handful of spinach. Sauteed in coconut oil. It will last at least 3 meals and I like to have it for breakfast with my eggs. We also received a huge head of escarole that I washed and sauteed in coconut oil with a few cloves of garlic. That will last at least two meals and I reused the cabbage pan. So I prepped two things and only had one pan to deal with! While everything was cooking up I managed to wash some very dirty spinach- all while the baby was sleeping. Planning and having food ready to be heated is my truly most important tip. If you have something healthy ready to eat, it minimizes the opportunity to reach for the wrong choice.

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