Primarily Paleo

A path to wellbeing

Day Three: Have an executable plan


This is the first “work” day of the challenge.  Be sure to have your meals planned for the day, if not the week ahead, especially during your work hours. Having a plan and having readily available food options is more important than anything.

My meal plan for the day is:

to have a satisfying breakfast at home with scrambled eggs, zucchini, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes with strawberries on the side

to eat a snack (grapefruit and a few nuts) before my mid morning appointment

meeting colleagues out for lunch where I’ve previewed the menu and am having a steak salad

having snacks in my bag for mid afternoon (almonds, shredded coconut)

leftovers from Sunday dinner (veal scallopine and red chard) which just needs to be reheated

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