Primarily Paleo

A path to wellbeing

Day Sixteen: Relationships with food or without.


Often in a partnership, there are lifestyle differences. For example, someone likes to go to bed early and the other late.  It can be a huge source of conflicts. Especially if those differences revolve around meals or food. Our relationship with food is shaped by so many influences like our culture, society, and upbringing. I have heard of some partners getting angry that their loved one isn’t eating pancakes with them anymore or going out for their morning coffee is lackluster because one partner is not getting lattes like they used to. For the partner who is making new healthier choices, there can be a lot of temptation watching the other partner eating ice cream or seeing leftover pizza in the refrigerator. Here are some tips to hopefully navigate any rough patches in your relationship as you continue eating whole foods:

1) Explain the health benefits and why you are interested in eating whole foods

2) Ask you partner to support the choices you  are making for yourself (and that you aren’t going to be policing her beer intake or potato chip snacking- well at least not more than you might usually!)

3) Explore new food or activity experiences together

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