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Day Fourteen: All About Gluten


I went to a lecture last night called “All About Gluten” by a local naturopath. I was really impressed by the way he presented the issue of gluten and our societal intolerance of the gluten molecule. He talked a lot about sensitivity tests for gluten and how they are still not really a reliable indicator of ones ability to digest and tolerate gluten in their bodies. That didn’t stop the audience from asking constant questions about testing- mostly the tests that they had done themselves or about how much various tests costs. I was bored!

The doctor mentioned a few times the only reason people get tested is so they have the concrete evidence to encourage them to actually stop eating the gluten.  Here’s the deal people: just stop eating gluten for 30 days and reintroduce it. It is free. It is accurate. It is NOT THAT Difficult. There are plenty of other things to eat. If you have been doing the challenge for the past two weeks (yippee for you!), you’ve seen you can survive without grains and oh by the way you should be seeing your health improve along the way. I think that is the best test you can put your money on.

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