Primarily Paleo

A path to wellbeing

Day Four: Lessons in Temptation


Yesterday, I was lucky enough to enjoy lunch outside at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants on a sunny Seattle day. It was a wonderful treat in the middle of the day. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I already knew what I was going to order in advance which reduced the temptation to eat something off the plan. However, I arrived before my friends and it was hard to resist the tortilla chips and salsa. It was also a little challenging to not order a margarita especially seeing the other tables overflowing with them. I did it though, and you can too if you set stay focused on your goals.

One benefit of being tempted, was being able to explore what was behind wanting the chips or the margarita. In this specific case, there were at least two things going on for me.  I was hungry because lunch was later than I normally eat so it was hard to resist food being available. Also, in social situations it is easy for me to eat mindlessly as I am focused on the conversation and not what is going into my mouth. If you are tempted by a situation, go a little deeper to see what is behind it- and keep your goal in mind when making decisions.

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