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Day Five: Kicking the Cravings

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Eating whole foods for 30 days- focusing on lean meats and good healthy fats will turn your body from a sugar (glucose) burner to a fat burner. I like the analogy of burning logs instead of kindling. When we eat a lot of sugars/ grains/ processed food our bodies burn through it like kindling- rapidly and then the fire needs to be refueled. Whereas if we burn logs (fat/ protein) it is a slow even burn that is sustaining and even burns up extra fuel you may have stored around your midsection! When making this transition, some people do not feel so great. It is important to evaluate that enough calories are being consumed- especially from protein (at least 0.8 x your body weight = grams of protein you should consume daily) and fat.

Cravings can be really strong at this point. The main thing I am kicking on this challenge is my dark chocolate intake. As soon as I am finished with lunch, my mind starts thinking about the chocolate. As it has been 5 days without it, I am beginning to see that I am tired after lunch (getting up a 5am for work and not getting solid sleep due to having an infant = sleep deprivation) Some strategies I have employed to help navigate me through the craving is to drink herbal tea, have more protein if I am truly hungry, take a nap, take a walk.  I have been successful so far and pretty soon those cravings will be behind me!

One Comment

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