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Day Eighteen: Grocery Shopping 101.

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I used to love going to the grocery store on a weekly or even daily basis.  However, time is now a commodity. We have a baby in the house and an endless list of to-dos so minimizing errands is a top priority. We typically go the the grocery store once a month- the added incentive here is our food coop offers a 10% off coupon once a month so we stock up and save 10% on everything we buy at the same time. Here’s how it is done.

1) We realized we pretty much bought the same stuff at the store- toilet paper, dish detergent, sea salt, spices, herbal tea, condiments, oils, vinegars, etc. We’ve created a master spreadsheet (by aisle) of everything we tend to buy . This takes a bit if a time investment at the beginning of the process but now we have a complete list that allows us to check off what we need.

2) We buy two of everything (at least at the beginning). This way there is always one being used, and one in the pantry ready to go should we run out before the next trip to the store. If we open the ‘backup’  product we add the two of them to our list for the next trip.

3) We receive a CSA box every week with fresh produce. We can select what we want in the box and also order additional produce or items like meat from the CSA ‘grocer’ and it all comes in our weekly box.

4) We shop at our market every week for fresh meat and additional produce should we need more.

Some critics say this takes all the fun out of eating. I disagree. We are able to ‘shop’ in our own pantry and fridge to come up with meals. Different vegetables, different cooking methods and different spices can make endless options all with the same type of protein. There’s always something healthy to eat in our home!



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