Primarily Paleo

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Are you poisoning yourself too?


It has been three years since I was diagnosed with having food sensitivities. I went to the doctor complaining of fatigue, muscle weakness, swelling of the hands, tightness in the fingers, and skin breakouts. After a normal routine blood analysis, my naturopath suggested a blood test for about 120 foods.

The results were shocking! I came back with over 30 foods that I was producing an immune response to. Basically, everything I had been eating regularly was making me sick: eggs, wheat, oats, cinnamon, tomatoes, milk, basil, peppers, garlic, sesame, yeast, cane sugar to name a few. I went on a completely “clean” diet. Friends were shocked I could find food to eat with such restrictions. Eating out became challenging. I would go to a restaurant and eat meat or fish with veggies and rice. No butter, no spices, plain, boring.

Eventually, I was introduced to the Paleo diet. After eliminating all grains, I noticed a remarkable improvement in not only the way I felt, but also how I was performing in the gym. My digestion has improved- as grains, legumes, and dairy often can irritate the delicate lining of our intestines- and I don’t exhibit the signs of food sensitivities that I once experienced.

I am sharing my story with you, so you can see it is possible to make a change in what you choose to eat. The foods I avoid are toxic to me and I was poisoning myself with them. It may look like food to you and it may even taste good going down the hatch, but if you cannot digest it properly you will be sick. You wouldn’t eat poison knowingly, would you? (the correct answer here is: “Of course NOT”)

If you are experiencing signs of food sensitivity or are dissatisfied with the way you feel, please talk to me or email me
for suggestions about how you can get started making changes to your diet, even if you think this sounds drastic. You too can make changes to help improve the way you look, feel and perform.

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