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Which is more dangerous raw milk or diet soda?


A friend recently asked me if it was safe to be drinking raw milk. It is a common concern- is raw or unpastuerized dairy really safe? Will it cause illness?

This got me thinking about how far removed we are from our food source. Milk is meant to be ingested in a raw format. While it is true that there are risks associated with drinking it raw, in the raw state milk contains all of the necessary enzymes to properly digest it.

Our society doesn’t think twice about putting harsh man made chemicals, rancid oils, trans fats, chemically or genetically altered products into our bodies but there is fear and trepidation about products our ancestors safely ingested for thousands of years. We eagerly pay for meat in the grocery store that has been fed products we would never choose to eat directly ourselves, yet we manage to eat the animal that was fattened with that poor quality feed.

The health risks associated with the Standard American Diet somehow are deemed less significant and more people are dying from what I deem preventable illness by eating the wrong things. I encourage you to look at what you are eating and ask yourself what risks are associated with eating this food.

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