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Do you know that not everything  that they sell in the grocery store should be classified as food? In fact, there are a lot of things that you should not eat and probably would not eat if you knew either how it was treated, what chemicals went in to it, or the conditions it was subjected to. A friend recently used a can of coke to remove the battery acid that eroded his car battery and it worked. Yes, that’s the same can of coke you drink with dinner.

I have been through a lot of dietary evolutions. Growing up I enjoyed Burger King, tv dinners, frozen french bread pizza, and fried chicken. Gradually I began to improve my diet by adding more fruits and vegetables and even going vegetarian- ish for awhile. Then came the shift to the “Whole Foods Diet” meaning if they sold it at Whole Foods I would eat it- incorporating more and more organic foods in. (Please note not everything at Whole Foods is organic!)  I am taking things a step forward from the the latest Natural Foods Coop (organic & hopefully local) to trying to buy foods right from the source. It helps to get the Community Supported Agriculture box every week from the Farm, but there’s still grass fed meat to be found and now I am trying to reintroduce dairy into my diet.

Luckily, every Sunday I can go to the Ballard Farmer’s market. Here’s where I can meet my farmer and find out what the chickens, lamb, and cows eat, how they spend their days, and anything else I want to ask them. We have been enjoying grass fed cow’s raw butter and creme fraiche. That means they take the white liquid from the cow and put it in a bottle. It is not heated. Raw. Like nature intended. Then they can take the cream and churn it into butter or leave it from creme fraiche. YUM.

I cannot say enough about the chicken either. Juicy. Expensive but worth it. Or the smoked bacon. Savory Lamb Chops. The woman in front of me was buying this cabbage to decorate her house instead of flowers. I encouraged her to eat it. However, it was beautiful.



I challenge you if you are reading this to get closer to your food source. Get to know a farmer. Support your local food suppliers. Appreciate the flavor and quality of what you are eating! Make a conscious choice as to what you are fueling yourself with!

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