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Had to share these two yummy products: Two Moms in the Raw Garden Herb Sea Crackers and GT’s Raw & Organic Kombucha . I don’t get a kickback from these companies, but I think you’ll like them too.

The crackers are made from flax and this flavor has a bunch of herbs and sea salt. They are gluten free and would be fantastic with a dip or spread, no easy feat without the gluten. I think I might eat the whole bag and I just opened them.

I cannot get enough kombucha. If you haven’t heard of it (you clearly don’t run in the natural foods circles!) it is a fermented Chinese tea and they add all kinds of flavors to it. Raspberry, ginger, and grape are a few of my favorites. It is loaded with probiotics, enzymes, and it has a bit of alcohol from the fermentation process to boot.

A delicious snack

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