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Succulents & Sweet + Spicy Roasted Almonds


One of my friend’s encouraged me to go to the Garden Show here in Seattle. I was like, Really? You think I would get something out of it? All she had to say was if I bought my ticket in advance I would get a discount and that there might not be a show next year. I couldn’t resist. I bought veggie & herb seeds for my year one garden, wildflower seeds (that the guy promised me I would love) honey from the same people I bought it from at the Langley street fair almost two years ago (they were a memorable couple), a cute bit of pincushion moss to put in a pot on my desk, and three air plants.

I spent a lot of time at the succulent booth. They had so many succulents and a ton of air plants which I think are the neatest. I bought three of them. You can just sit them on a dish without soil and water them twice a month. Hopefully they will make it. In line I started talking to the woman in front of me. She was about my age and was all about the air plants too. I didn’t realize until we were deep in conversation that she had a huge wound to her neck. I am not talking about a gun shot type hole but a red, still healing line horizontally on her neck- like a knife had been drawn across it. I was so close to asking her about it, but she seemed so happy and delightful and we were enjoying our chat I didn’t think it was such a grand idea. I can’t stop thinking about it. Was it from a car accident or a mugging? It was such a deliberate cut and way to large (covering 3/4 of her neck) and raw to have been done by a doctor. Poor lady. I am glad she was happy with her plants and we shared a moment of bonding over something that made each of us smile.

On a much lighter note, the Vegan Feast was a huge success. Our friends ate everything! It made me wish we had made more (maybe you have to double up on what you serve to when it’s all vegan) The sweet + spicy almonds were so good, especially still warm from the oven, I couldn’t stop eating them. Even after dessert I had to head back into the kitchen for more. I am a complete sucker for sugar and chili pepper flakes. Check back for my comments on the Bachelor: The Women Tell All. I might have to toast up the remaining almonds while I enjoy the show.

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