Primarily Paleo

A path to wellbeing

Primarily Paleo, A Path to Wellbeing

Primarily Paleo™ is an easy-to-understand philosophy following many aspects of the Paleo diet and lifestyle—combined with a goal focused, step by step outline for attaining one’s health and wellness objectives

The three basic tenets of Primarily Paleo are as follows:

Whole Foods Are Foundation
Primarily Paleo stresses the importance of eating what we are all biologically predisposed to consume and digest—in a nutshell, a high in healthy fat, moderate in animal protein , low-to-moderate in carbohydrate and no refined sugar diet.

Our DNA is 99.99% the same as our paleolithic ancestors, yet the standard modern diet is radically different. Our body has to break down everything we eat and catalog it as fuel or waste. When we eat food that contains chemicals and things we can’t pronounce, our body doesn’t know how to use it properly. Also, when a food cannot be easily digested, that food wrecks havoc on the digestive tract further exacerbating the issue.If you aren’t eating the right foods or combination of fat, protein and carbohydrates, you won’t see the body weight composition changes you desire just by having an exercise program. The food you eat directly impacts the way you look and feel.

Planning Trumps Cooking

Eating a whole foods diet doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You don’t have to be an Iron Chef to eat well. Just as with anything else, planning helps tremendously in ensuring success. By having whole foods available or knowing the best meal to order while dining out, you can make the best case nutrition decisions. When we take the time to think about what we’re going to eat before we eat it, we simply make better decisions. And the good news is, the idea of “planning” doesn’t have to be a drag or time-consuming.

Add Before Subtracting
Just as with anything else that really works, part of eliminating poor habits is pure psychology. Rather than focusing on the inherently negative concept of eliminating unhealthy choices first, Primarily Paleo says to add the healthy before subtracting the unhealthy. For example: Adding vegetables or more fat to meals before eliminating grains, or going gluten-free before cutting anything else out. This isn’t a fad diet, it is about developing new habits and a healthy, balanced lifelong way of eating. By focusing on how you feel both physically and emotionally while navigating the obstacles along the way, you can be confident about the food choices you make.